Sew Easy Tools

Sew Easy Tools make things sooo easy to do!

Hookey Catching Threads for Website.jpg

'Lil Hookey serger seam hook

Quick and easy to lock serger seams

No need to work down a knot with a pin

No need to dab on fabric glue or fray stop liquid

No need to twist threads into a big upholstery needle

Hookey is the answer to trapping thread tails of serger seams so they can't hang loose or unravel.


PP Turq for Website.jpg

PinPal magnetic pin holder

The classic oval shaped pin holder

PinPal helped to create the niche for magnetic pin holders which revolutionized the way we manage pins.  It perfectly fits your hand like a bar of soap and holds LOTS of pins in perfect order for retrieval.  It eliminates scattered pins on the floor and little piles of pins around the sewing room.

Bobbin Holder for Website.jpg

Classic Wooden Magnetic Bobbin Holder

Original magnetic bobbin holder for metal bobbins

This holder was the first and most beautiful holder for metal bobbins.   It holds the bobbins tightly on edge with all the colors visible.   Keep it by your sewing machine for the threads you are using in a current project.  This is for the connoisseur of fine functional sewing tools.