These magnetic holders keep the little items that we handle all the time under control

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HairpinPal magnetic hair clip holder

At last, a way to manage bobby pins and hair clips of all kinds

Hair management has never been easier.  This holder keeps your hair clips right there handy to pick up AND eliminates the maddening dropping and scattering.

Grabeez  for Website.jpg

Grabeez magnets

The ultimate refrigerator and office magnet

The size of a domino, these chunky magnets will not let you down.  They are so powerful that they stay connected through your hand.  Simple but colorful, they put "cutesy" magnets to shame when comparing performance.

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Clipwell magnetic clip holder

Finally a paperclip holder that isn't irritating

No more shaking, turning, tipping, fumbling, or reaching into a hole.  Clips are right there ready on Clipwell.