Things to Help at Home

We all organize our stuff, clean our stuff, sort our stuff, and pack our stuff to put away or take it somewhere.  These are the things that will help you do that.

Flap Lok Combo Boxes Open Closed for Website.jpg

FlapLok box handling clamp

Box closer clamp and box hold-open clamp

Remember what a pain it is to try and pack a box full of things and the flaps get in your way?  FlapLok will hold the flaps down and out of your way.  When the box is packed for putting away in the garage, FlapLok will keep it closed and ready to get into easily.  Used in many warehouses for inventory management.

CC Falling Water for Website.jpg

Cougar Cloth clean up cloth

Cougar Cloth is a product that we do not manufacture, but discovered in Germany.  We loved what it could do and wanted to make it available to anyone and everyone.  It is viscose fabric that acts like a synthetic chamois and it has a 101 uses from very delicate tasks to heavy duty ones.  Take a look at the things that it can handle!

Keepsack Set for Website.jpg

KEEPSACK protective storage bag for keepsakes

These denim and fleece lined bags protect prized items against dirt, scratches, dents, chips, and they guard against breakage.  Framed photos or artwork, sculpture, antiques, china, electronics, anything important.  A bag to last generations.  Five sizes.